K1 is a worldwide unique dosing system

The K1 system consists of the subsystems INCAST, INHEAT, INVAQ and INCONTROL, and can be integrated into existing die casting cells regardless of the die casting machine manufacturer. The K1 system enables a worldwide unique dosing process in which the shot sleeve is hermetically sealed by a counter piston on the die side, with the melt dosing being initiated via the suction pipe solely by the vacuum modules on the shot sleeve. This completely eliminates the need for vacuum seals on the die side.

Customer benefit

Reduction of heat treatment

By dosing the melt via the K1 system, the highest strength and elongation values are achieved already in the cast state.

This allows our customers to significantly reduce the homogenization time during heat treatment or eliminate heat treatment completely.

Reduction of the scrap rates

By dosing the melt with the K1 system without contact to the atmosphere, the melt is free of gases and oxides.

This allows our customers to significantly increase the casting quality.

Growth, enter new markets

The K1 system gives our customers the opportunity to enter new markets in lightweight. Due to the high mechanical characteristics cast parts can be designed with reduced wall thickness during development.

Safety components that were previously manufactured using other processes can also be produced using the K1 system due to the increased casting quality in die casting.

In addition our customers can expand their parts portfolio and offer weldable die cast parts with material properties similar to forging.

Improve the CO2 balance

By dosing the melt via the K1 system, castings can be made with thinner walls due to the high mechanical properties, which means our customers save material and energy.

By reducing the heat treatment time or elimination, energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

The use of secondary alloys, which already achieve high mechanical properties when dosed with the K1 system, saves additional resources and energy.

By switching the dosing to the K1 system, our customers can make their production more sustainable and significantly improve their CO2 balance.

Technological advantages

Cast part

  • Extremely fine and homogeneously distributed grain structure

  • Highest mechanical strength characteristics already in the cast state

  • Unrestricted heat treatment with extremely short homogenization times regardless of geometry and alloy due to oxide and gas-free structure

  • Unrestricted weldability with all common welding processes
  • Coating with baking temperatures > 400 °C possible




  • Most complex component geometries possible with multiple slides in 2 and 3 platen dies

  • Unrestricted use of all castable Aluminium primary and secondary alloys

  • No vacuum seals required in the die

  • Highest effective vacuum (< 100 mbar) during the dosing process

  • Dosing rate up to 7.5 kg/s can be achieved