- Engineering
- Die Manufacturing
- Prototypes & Small Series
- Quality Testing & Subsequent Processes

Do you want to improve your product by increasing the part performance or reducing its weight? Are you looking for a process to manufacture safety-relevant parts in a more cost-effective and ressource-saving manner?

Develop new components with us or optimize existing ones in your application.

Together with our technology partner we have bundled core competencies, 
to offer you all the all-around services for carrying out a development project. Our core team has expert knowledge in the fields of metallurgy, development and topologization of die cast parts, process design in the K1 die casting process, as well as mold concept design and mold making.


  • Feasibility study 
  • Topology optimization 
  • Part design
  • FEM simulation
  • Process simulations
    (filling, solidification, temperature, air and vacuum) 
  • Casting design 
  • Process design and validation

Die Manufacturing

  • Die engineering 
  • Die concept 
  • Die manufacturing
  • Die sampling
Do you want to cast first prototypes or a small series of your new developed part using the K1 die casting process?​

We offer you the opportunity to cast high-performance light metal die cast parts in the die casting technology center of our technology partner Heck + Becker using the K1 technology.

We have all the necessary testing and measuring devices to maintain and document the casting quality you specified.
This includes quality checks such as density index measurements, X-ray image analysis, blister tests, 3D component measurements and, if desired, a final report with further metallographic examinations.

Prototypes & Small Series

  • Casting with the K1 Technology
  • Die casting machine
    (FRECH) with 3.200 tons locking force
  • Melting furnace
    (StrikoWesthofen MH II-T 3000/1500 SP Plu)
  • 6-axis spray and
    extraction robot (Kuka)
  • Spraying equipment (Böhmer)

Quality Testing &
Subsequent Processes

  • Chemical analysis with spectrometer (SPECTROMAXx) 
  • Density index measuring (MK)
  • X-Ray analysis (YXLON 160 kV)
  • Blister test (Nabertherm)
  • Strength Testing and Microsection analysis
  •  Heat treatment
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