We offer you die cast parts with a worldwide unique material performance
- The Next Level in Die Casting -
High-Performance Light Metal Parts
"We Cast Sustainability"
Our cast parts sustainably improve our environment.
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Our K1 technology revolutionizes the conventional die casting process and breaks through existing production limits. It enables the casting of high-performance light metal die cast parts whose material properties are similar to those of forged parts. 

As a result, aluminium components can be produced in an extremly weight reduced, energy efficient and resource saving manner.

The way to a green future

Weight reduced, energy efficient and ressource saving.

We cast your part with our
K1 technology

We offer you the highest casting quality and a worldwide
unique material performance.

We offer you the opportunity to tackle your ideas for exploiting the potential of lightweight construction. Our experts support you from the first sketch of a new development, through the casting of the first prototypes and small series to the final component testing and the casting of larger series in the K1 Technology Center from the end of 2023.


Part Development
Process Engineering
Die Concept


K1 Die Casting
Subsequent Processes
Part Testing


Exclusiv casting of larger
series at the K1 Technology
Center in 2023

Driven by Innovation

Secure tomorrow’s technical lead today.

To remain long-term competitive in today‘s quick changing world, products as well as processes have to improve continuously – technologically, economically as ecologically. With the K1 Process these target drivers are maximized. The use of our high performance cast parts generates for our customers the lead of tomorrow.

By highest productivity and reproducibility of the casting process, reduced use of material and maximum cast part weight reduction as a result of forge like material characteristics, our customers improve the part properties, reduce material and production costs and contribute sustainably to the improvement of the environment.

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